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Every chain is fully customizable - customization options for every chain include - same pattern as pictured, but different colors; same colors as pictured, but different pattern; same design as pictured, but added accent beads; same design without any names and/or text and more!


Every chain can also be personalized with a name, initials, phrase, or custom text!


Please keep in mind that all chainz are custom made, even if they are based on a previous design.


If you don’t see anything you like or have an idea, contact me for more options!

New Design


    1. Please describe what you'd like for your chain! If you'd like to reference previous designs, include that here.

    2. What you want for text color, if applicable! (Options include white bead with black text, black bead with white text, white bead with rainbow text, gold bead with black text and silver bead with black text. Not all colors may be available in all letters/numbers)

    3. What you want for accent beads, if interested! (Options include stars - chrome, gold, silver, rose gold, mixed; fruit, chili peppers, evil eyes - red, black, white, light blue, dark blue, yellow and orange; bigger beads in a range of colors and metals, hot dogs, bagels, donuts, french fries, pizza, tacos and more! Contact me if there's something you're looking for that isn't listed)

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